Abstractive News Summarization

People depend on difference sources of information and news to stay informed in everyday life. They often do not have much time to go through an entire news article to understand the content, yet they want to know all the important elements the article. Hence there is a need of summarizing lengthy text into concise, understandable summaries that helps the people to minimize the reading time.

Cyber Security Solution for Online Advertisement Frauds

Online Advertisement is a form of advertisement that uses internet pages to deliver the messages to the consumers for content promotion. Now we have almost 20 billion users over the internet, making Internet the biggest platform for advertisement. And today most of the sellers are using digital media for advertisement. As the need of digital platform increases, the types of attacks are being advanced day by day that causes many problems in digital marketing fields in terms of reputation as well as revenue.

Automated Generation of Videos from News Stories

Recent advancements in internet, media capturing, and mobile technologies have let fast growing News industries to produce and publish News stories rapidly. In recent days News industry is trying lot to make their news stories attractive and more engaging to their readers. Youngsters these days often do not have much time to go through an entire news article to understand the content, yet they want to know all the important elements the article.

Low cost devices for Epilepsy Fit trigger

Nearly 20 million people in the India and 65 million people worldwide suffer with epilepsy, a neurological condition which affects the nervous system and causes seizures (Fits). One in 26 people develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime, with 200,000 new cases annually in the India. Nearly 80% of the people with epilepsy live in low and middleincome countries and three quarters of these individuals do not get the treatment they need. Among those living with epilepsy, nearly one-third have ongoing seizures despite existing therapies.

Interestingness of people for products and processes involved in online interaction

Futuristic Project revolves around the notion of statistically quantifying the supposedly unquantifiable mental property of interest. This is done to elevate a machine from a mere mechanical device to a full-fledged system capable of behaving intelligently like a human.

Unusual activity detection for monitoring applications

Unusual activity detection is the process of identifying and detecting the activities which are different from actual or well-defined set of activities and attract human attention. We have developed an application to automatically detect unusual activities. Generally, humans follow a sequence in their actions. Based upon these sequences of activities, we will classify them into the usual and unusual activities. A lot of human resources are required to monitor the vast number of surveillance cameras installed in public and private places. So, it is highly recommended to have an automatic algorithm which can detect unusual activities and trigger action.

Tox2020: Toxicity Prediction of pre clinical trial drug using Physicochemical Properties and Machine Learning Approaches:

The objective of the project is to develop better toxicity assessment features, methods and algorithms along with better data structures to handle the big data. To create new methods for assessing chemical toxicity which will have the potential to improve the procedure followed by scientists to evaluate environmental chemicals and develop new medicines.To develop a framework to quickly and efficiently test certain chemical compounds for their probable chances to disrupt processes in the human body.To develop a stand-alone and/or web-based application(s) that helps the researchers and research community to predict the toxicity of the newly discovered chemical compound.

Intelligent Detection of Biomolecular Spatiotemporal Modifications for Disease Aetiology and Epidemiology

The research project has been conceptualized with a goal to use data science effectively for aetiology research in India. The research aims to use machine learning for prediction of gene expression levels and knowledge discovery methods, and come up with a dashboard to handle different tasks related to data science. Specific objectives include development of tools to quantitate epigenomic signatures and mapping the localized nature of protein modification, and correlation of epigenomic signatures and gene expression using the developed tools. We will also develop a framework of reporting to various stakeholders regarding the status of different desirable parameters for policy making and decision making.

Tackling Cyber crime with Data science

As the internet continues to grow and infiltrate every aspect of an individual's life, the security and crime related aspects of the cyber-world also show up their ugly face. Cyber bullying, Frauds, Cyber crime and other nefarious online activities regularly create headlines. Data science approaches and technologies can become the first line of defence which shall combine together text mining, machine learning and statistical approaches to provide security threat prediction, detection and prevention at an early stage. The objectives of the research project are to effectively detect and combat a variety of cyber crime issues such as cyber bullying, cyber predation, social media trolling, social media spam, etc. The research is envisioned to provide tools and software for use by an individual or a group which shall help them remain safe from such threats while performing their regular online activities.

FANETs: Communication in the sky

“Communication in the sky” is a trend because the increment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) use in wireless communications. UAVs have diverse applications in civil and military domains. Swarm of UAV system is able to finish the operations more reliably than a single UAV. UAV system have rapidly changing topology due to high mobility devices. Currently, Mobile adhoc networks (MANETs) routing is used for communication in UAV networks, and the standards for communication system are yet to be developed. UAV system streaming information needs protocol with high bandwidth, high mobility, varying link stability and high energy consumption compare to adhoc networks. It leads to abruptly breaking communication in between UAV-to-UAV and UAV-to-ground. Hence to overcome link breakage, stability in the links is required for the duration of next route establishment. We explore the link stability issue in UAV communication systems. Link stability is required for reliable communication.

Computational Biology

Developing improved knowledge discovery techniques based on Machine Learning and Soft Computing tools specially Multi-objective optimization algorithms, fuzzy theory, Support Vector Machine etc. and applying the techniques for analyzing biological data such as transcriptomics data (e.g. microarray mRNA/microRNA expression data, RNA-Seq data) in order to unveil potential biological processes, genetic markers and reveal transcriptional regulatory mechanisms involved in the development of certain cell types such as cardiomyocytes, etc., progression of diseases such as breast cancer, etc. Identifying such genetic markers may provide new insights into therapeutic targets in diseases.

Biometrics for Infant Verification with Liveness Detection (BIONEST)

The BIONEST project aims to develop a reliable infrastructure for establishing the identity of new born infants and managing it to facilitate a robust biometric identification. The project aims to identify the reliable biometric characteristic for establishing the identity of the infant, and employ the video captured using smartphone in a non-intrusive and contactless manner to determine the liveness by estimating the vitals of the infant. The third component of this project is aimed at developing the privacy preserving techniques for infant biometrics. This is a joint project proposal between IIT-BHU, Bennett University and NTNU Norway.