NVIDIA - BENNETT Research Center on AI is focused on multidisciplinary applications of Machine Intelligence for research in ‘smart’ living and better healthcare.

Our work primarily derives from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. The group focuses on solving challenging problems in the domain of Healthcare, Bioinformatics, Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things with the help of advanced algorithms for Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


  • To be recognised as one of the leading research group in the areas related to Machine Learning.
  • To develop efficient tools and techniques for various application domains.
  • To actively engage decision makers to gain new insights for better planning and management for the benefit of the society


  • To work in a systematic manner with defined goals and targets for fulfilling the vision.
  • To engage and collaborate with peer institutions for active research network; To generate funds with quality proposals.
  • To enrol, train and develop quality workforce; To establish synergistic relationship with leaders of industry, academia and government.

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